What is a Neanderthal For Dummies?

An interesting meme was posted on Facebook. The meme “from Neanderthal status has decided to come for someone’s looks and intelligence level? Make it make sense…” The meme was shared on 1-800-Hell-Naw’s Facebook page. The meme sparked heated racial debates. Now, we are asking the question, What is a Neanderthal? Neanderthals are an extinct species […]

Is DJ Akademiks a Rapist?

DJ Akademiks, the well-known internet personality, is currently embroiled in a legal battle as Fauziya Abashe has filed a lawsuit against him for allegations of rape and defamation. Akademiks, who has built a successful career by taunting rappers and stirring up controversy, now finds himself at the center of a serious legal matter. Abashe claims […]

King Combs released the worst diss track ever?

In the realm of the music industry, diss tracks have become a common way for artists to settle scores and express their grievances. However, not all diss tracks are created equal.  On Sunday night, King Combs released a diss track titled “Pick a Side,” which has been criticized as one of the worst diss tracks ever.  King Combs’ diss track “Pick a Side” has been met […]

Gypsy Rose Blanchard New Look

Following her release from prison, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has undergone a stunning physical transformation that has not only changed her appearance but also boosted her confidence. After opting for a rhinoplasty in April and lightening her hair to a blonde shade in March, Gypsy shared with E! News at the An Evening with Lifetime event […]